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My name is, Ari. I'm 31 years young. I grew up in Southern Illinois and currently reside in Washington State. Since I can remember I have always been inspired to create. I started out with digital photography, always taking photos of everything I laid my eyes on. My love for film photography and the dark room was born when I attended university and studied in Israel. Even more so as I travel - my film camera and digital camera is always near by. As I continued my art journey and studies, it evolved into creating mixed media. I started using different mediums and materials to create one piece, layering the diverse mediums. I began oil painting when I moved to South Florida around 10 years ago, and wow was my mind blown! In awe and in beauty, my love for oil painting keeps expanding the more and more that I paint. 

I truly believe, that art is all around us at every given moment -we just get to open our eyes, as humans, to see it and believe it. I feel that I am here to create and help others design art, in their own fashion; by broadening their minds and making beautiful things, in as many possible ways that I can. Let me know what questions I can answer if any. Feel free to email me!

Thank you so much for you, us, we.


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